Fla CHina 2014 Trip

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Fla CHina 2014 TRip 


It is critical for us to reach globality because of the infinite amount of connections and experiences that can be derived from it. By increasing our knowledge and varying the type of information we absorb, we can better develop our communities at home - gaining a global perspective help us achieve this.

Devyn Jones


It allows us as Americans, and more specifically Black Americans, to realize that the world is bigger than our backyard, our community, our country. Everyone is dealing with something, not only our demographic, not only the people we can see - realizing that humbles you. You become even more willing to look past differences that seem unsurpassable to work together and make things better for everyone.

Ashley Sexton


I had been studying mandarin that whole school year, so I got to practice it in Beijing, they speak a different dialect in Shanghai. Also, we visited the Shanghai American Center, part of the US Consulate General and Shanghai and had a conversation with a panel of foreign service professionals. Their stories broadened my horizon and opened my eyes to new and interesting career fields I had not previously considered.

Khala James


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