2018 China symposium

Twenty-five members of the Freshman Leadership Academy (FLA) had the opportunity to spend two weeks abroad in China from July 23 - August 5, 2018.

The Global Leadership Experience is a opportunity for first-year students to travel abroad to become more aware of international economic and business policies, study language and culture, and expand their knowledge and perception of global leadership. These experiences are academically comprehensive and provide all participants global insight into their respective fields of study.


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Although the diversity of study abroad participation has increased in recent years, 

minority students are still underrepresented in study abroad opportunities. Only 5.9%of all US students that study abroad are African American, 8.4% are Asian/Pacific Islander, and 9.7% are Hispanic/Latino American.


Our goal is to use these experiences to develop fundamental leadership skills and gaindiverse perspectives that will allow us to be more informed and inclusive leaders. 

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